The Frog Blog is Back!

It’s been a few years since The Frog Blog has been published. We have grown a lot!

In 2023, we finished putting together the STUDIOS gathering space near our new offices and distribution center in Snohomish. The room is available for community use for small groups. Please reach out if you are interested.

In 2024, we are looking forward to completing our move to BearGrass Farm. From there we will be expanding crop growing and livestock operations to help address regional food security issues.

Check our calendar for upcoming events, workshops, and volunteer opportunities. We appreciate your support.


Hunger Action advocates

Hunger Action Day 2024 in Olympia

Join Farmer Frog and the Fresh Food Coalition for Hunger Action Day in Olympia February 1 to talk with your legislators about food sovereignty. We need funding NOW for food banks and grassroots…

Washington State Food Insecurity Rises

The Fresh Food Coalition, led by Farmer Frog, The Silent Task Force, and The Northwest Tribal Emergency Management Council, has submitted Operation GROW to the 2024 Washington State Legislature…

What’s Hoppin’ at the Farm

Farmer Frog Bear Grass Farm

Farmer Frog is nearing the finish line with our move to the new location at BearGrass Farm, Snohomish. Stay tuned to upcoming issues to hear about volunteer opportunities and other ways to support our growth. In the coming weeks we will be launching The Farmer Frog Store with our partners at Barn2Door.

Animal Tracker

Bear With Me WA

Farmer Frog, Western Wildlife Outreach and The National Tribal Emergency Management Council launch Bear With Me Washington, a proactive conservation initiative to encourage communities, businesses and individuals to take actions to reduce human-black bear conflicts. Check out the new website and stay tuned to our events calendar for upcoming workshops about coexisting with Washington’s wildlife.

Visit Bear With Me

Lovestock News

In the new year, Farmer Frog’s Lovestock team welcomed 11 lambs from 6 Mommas — 7 boys and 4 girls. Soon, sheep, goats and the livestock guarding dogs will be re-homed to BearGrass Farm. If you would like to support our need for feed, hay, and fencing materials to help us get there you can reach out directly to to donate materials.

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