Our JEDI Pledge

Footprint - Artwork by Douglas BlairFootprint - Artwork by Douglas Blair
Farmer Frog works, collaborates, and partners with Indigenous Peoples locally, nationally, and globally. Farmer Frog acknowledges that our non-Native team members live and work on land stolen from Indigenous Peoples who are abused by colonial systems established by genocide around the world and in the USA. Farmer Frog recognizes that traditional knowledge cannot be separated from natural and cultural resources, and that all Indigenous knowledge should be protected, respected, and shared only with permission. Farmer Frog is devoted to creating dignifying jobs with livable wages.

We understand that:

  • Most people live on land impacted by colonization.
  • Most white people outside of Europe are not native to the land they live on.
  • Most borders have been impacted or created through war and bloodshed.
  • Most economies around the world have been and often continue to be built through slavery, forced labor, and unrecognized effort of the historically underrepresented communities.
  • Current and past systems rooted in colonization are greedy and abusive and that they continue to appropriate traditional practices and knowledge while they impoverish Native Peoples.

Because of our understanding, our team only engages with any community if we are invited and welcomed by that community, and in partnership with the Native Peoples of that region. As we follow the rightful Indigenous leadership, and by centering Indigenous communities, knowledge, traditions, and worldviews, we are dedicated to building a World based on Justice and Equity.

Farmer Frog’s Vision - Happy People Living in a Healthy Environment - can only be realized if the JEDI principles (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) are fully embraced and revered by our team. Our team members always reflect the diversity of our communities we serve. We are humbled and honored to be able to participate in the important work of decolonizing the existing, broken System.


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