Our COVID-19 Response

Sprouting Simple Change

When children and families grow food for themselves, they sow the seeds of positive living. Farmer Frog cultivates programs, school gardens, and hands-on learning to nurture communities.

"Farmer Frog teaches my son in a way that's fun and exciting. I get to meet parents and kids from my area in a good setting. I like where I live because of Farmer Frog."
J.S., Olivia Park Elementary School Parent

Our COVID-19 Protocol

By Farmer Frog

As our updated COVID-19 protocol, we follow the instructions of our health department.

For the time being, all of our locations are closed to the public. We are working hard planting and growing food and need volunteer help. We require that everyone interested in volunteering first contact us. Our gates are locked and we only let people in with appointments.

Garden Warrior Jonathan

By Zsofia Pasztor

A teen boy with red hair wearing a red t-shirt stands outside holding a large rutabaga plant.

Congratulations to Jonathan — pictured with an enormous turnip — on being selected as a Garden Warrior. “Farmer Jon” (as you’ll hear students lovingly refer to him) is a senior at Marysville Getchell High School. He is an outstanding garden steward and the Getchell garden’s biggest proponent. Having worked in the garden for almost two years now, he takes complete ownership and actually says the garden is his and holds fellow students and volunteers to very high standards of respectful participation. He is there every week and comes on his own time to water and make sure “his strawberries” are watered. He has even started growing a bit of food at home.

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