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Agriculture at Farmer Frog

Farmer Frog realizes the importance of respect and reverence required toward all Indigenous Peoples and their wisdom and practices. Therefore, we follow the principles of Agroecology and tend to each location, project, and activity with a unique and flexible approach. Our farming practices are integrated with and support the natural ecosystems in the surroundings — with wild farming methods and conservation agriculture, these sites produce food for humans and create habitat for wildlife.

Farmer Frog had a long-term lease from Snohomish County on the original Lloyd Estate on Paradise Lake Road in Woodinville, Washington. The site lies in the Paradise Valley Conservation Area. It is located on Coastal Salish (Snoqualmie, Duwamish) sacred land and celebratory grounds.

The grounds were homesteaded during the 1870’s by the Lloyd family and became one of the oldest farms of the state. Here, we developed Paradise Farm, the original headquarters for our organization.

In addition to growing produce and keeping livestock on the farm, we created an education center where we demonstrated and taught sustainable and innovative farming practices with intensive gardening and ecosystem-friendly land management.

We developed the site to showcase traditional regenerative farming practices combined with modern smart technologies, and incorporated agricultural heritage displays. Through our systems, we demonstrated both the history and future potential of sustainable and resilient food production. Snohomish County terminated our lease at Paradise Farm in February 2023.

BearGrass Farm

Farmer Frog began moving their agriculture operations to a brand new farm called BearGrass Farm in March of 2023. We are expanding agriculture operations to this open farmland by the city of Snohomish. Starting with an empty field, Farmer Frog is rebuilding their operations from the ground up, creating a new education center, building barns and shelters for our livestock, and providing community meeting places.

As we develop BearGrass Farm, we are implementing regenerative practices such as silvo-pasturing and successional grazing, agroforestry, agroecology, intercropping, and polyculture growing methods. We are also doing work to expand our aquaponics systems, bee programs (apiary), and livestock programs.

If you would like to take a tour of the farm, volunteer, get product information, or learn more about the classes and programs we offer at Farmer Frog, please contact us.

Neighborhood Garden Pocket Farms

Our organization provides technical assistance to small, sustainable, community-based, environmentally-responsible gardens and farms in urban, suburban, and urban-rural interface areas. We work with many different site sizes and layouts, various group numbers, and customized year-round practices. Please contact us for more information.


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