Three images are side by side in banner style. The first image is of a black bear walking toward the camera. The second image is of a cougar walking toward a fence that is visible on the right side of the image.. The third image is of a coyote trotting through the woods.

Wildlife Management and Conservation

Farmer Frog is committed to teach and practice farming in a way that allows us to coexist with wildlife and support a healthy ecosystem that leads to climate resilience. This involves layers of protection to protect human activity from wildlife while simultaneously protecting wildlife from human activities. Through education of people, using various forms of fencing (including Smart Fencing), livestock guardian dogs, strategic placement of livestock and agricultural crops, along with other non-lethal, deterrent practices, we can all farm sustainably. We can even use wild farming methods and conservation agriculture.

Western Wildlife Outreach

Through our partnership with our sister nonprofit, Western Wildlife Outreach, we participate in wildlife monitoring, data collection and analysis, education and outreach programs, and demonstration projects. Since 2022 we have been focusing on regional multi-state wildlife corridor health and restoration, with a particular focus on bears and cougars.

Three pictures side by side in banner style. The first image is of a road going through a foggy forest. Second image is of two guinea hens perched on two separate wooden posts. Behind a fence, a great pyrenees dog looks up at them. The third image is of a group of sheep lying on a grassy hill. There are trees in the background.

Foodshed in the Watershed

We provide educational programs for the public that offer both in person and online classes, with information on how to support community projects and successful coexistence-based food production. For information on upcoming events, conferences, and classes, please check our calendar.

Bear with Me

A collaborative effort between Farmer Frog, Western Wildlife Outreach, and the National Tribal Emergency Management Council (NTEMC), our wildlife monitoring program is integrated with Bear Smart and the National Bear Habitat projects across the U.S. Recent work includes focusing on the habitats found in Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and California, with a continuing focus on connected wildlife corridors integrated with larger habitat spaces, resulting in climate resilient, well-functioning ecosystems.


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