Three images side by side in a banner style. The first image is of a wooden sign that has been painted in rainbow colors and reads “Gather Together” with a multicolored heart painted on it. The second image is mosaic tiles put together in the shape of a frog. The third image is of a small white and brown rabbit wearing purple, ping, and blue butterfly wings made out of felt.

Art with Farmer Frog


Art has power if used wisely and with focus. Farmer Frog’s STUDIOS (STEAM, Transformation, Unique Design, Inspiration, Outreach, Sites) offers a platform for young, multidisciplinary artists to launch their work. Our goals are to foster awareness and engage people in historically under-represented communities, together imagining equitable solutions for ongoing social justice and environmental issues while respecting, honoring, and maintaining historic heritage and culture. Projects with STUDIOS develop calls to action by seeding ideas and creating space for collaboration within the community. The work speaks to the inner artist and activist in all of us, to inspire purposeful and simple change in our social systems.

Workshops, Classes, and Events

Work with our award-winning team to learn about creating various forms of art — including poetry, music, movement, and visual arts — in our beautiful and one-of-a-kind STUDIOS space. Join the audience to listen to live music brought to you by local musicians. Check our calendar or Facebook page for upcoming conferences, theater productions, Trashion shows, and art exhibits. Scholarships may be available. Please contact us to register.


Foundation for Sustainable Community dba Farmer Frog

WA license FARMEF#846J2

501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

HQ: 12129 Treosti Road Snohomish WA 98290

(425) 202-5753