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Farmer Frog gardens provide rich multi-generational and multi-cultural learning environments where friendship and understanding grow. Children have a safe place to play outside, benefitting from fresh air and exercise, while learning how to grow real food with other children, parents, and community members. Gardens where people eat, laugh, and play together create understanding and peaceful communities, the foundation of a peaceful world.

To continue our work, Farmer Frog needs financial support from people like you who care about providing these enriching experiences for our children and increasing our ability to grow food locally.

Make a tax-deductible donation.

Your tax deductible donation buys seeds, plant starts, and tools, as well as materials to build infrastructure such as hoop houses, storage sheds, and irrigation systems; and helps provide stipends for our Urban Farmers. Donors can also sponsor families who need healthy food through our Good Food Treasure Box program.

You can specify how you would like Farmer Frog to use your donation, such as requesting that the donation go to a specific school garden or other Farmer Frog site. All of our farm sites currently accept donations. Please make a note in the donation memo so that we can direct the funds as you request.

Farmer Frog operates under the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Foundation for Sustainable Community and is registered to do business as Farmer Frog. All donations to Farmer Frog are tax deductible.

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if you have questions about donations, in-kind, and pro-bono gifts and services.

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