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Work with our award-winning team to learn about farming at our Headquarters. Farmer Frog will help you grow your garden whether you are planting a few fruit trees or building a large edible campus.

The proceeds for our services go to the programs and projects that Farmer Frog offers to schools, families, and local communities. By working with our team, you are making the programs and projects available to people who cannot afford them.

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Our classes are typically offered on Saturdays from 1:30 - 4:30 PM. Our class schedule can be found on our event calendar and scholarships may be available. Please contact us to register.

  • $35 - Hands-on Edible Gardening

    Learn how to grow food successfully year-round in unusual garden settings. Little known vegetables, perennial foods and amazing layouts for small or large gardens taught by our award-winning landscape designers and expert urban agriculturists.

  • $35 - Livestock Management and Handling

    How do you decide if you want livestock and how many you support? Goats? Chickens? What do you do to protect them from wildlife? How do you collect eggs? How do you even build a good coop? How do you care for a goat? What does a Livestock Guardian Dog do? Get answers to all these questions and more from our caretaker at Paradise Farm!

  • $35 - Art Classes (2 hours only) from May - September

    Come and join us creating beautiful and useful art pieces that help us deter or feed and shelter wildlife, screen areas, enhance other sections of the farm or just simply provide us joy. Artwork can be displayed on the farm permanently.

  • $45 - Aquaponics: Installation, Construction, and Maintenance

    You can learn how to design, build, and manage a variety of aquaponic systems from tiny movable structures to large commercial size facilities. Raise fish for food or as a hobby and grow your vegetables in the same space!

  • $45 - Artful Carpentry - Large and Small every 3rd Saturday

    You can learn and share ideas about using scrap wood, pallets, and salvaged materials and turn out beautiful and very useful structures and items you will be able to use and enjoy for years to come. Tables, benches, chairs, outdoor kitchen counters, fences, gates, artful screens, raised garden beds and more! You can take some of the projects home.

  • $45 - Herbal tea making for Spring, Summer, or Fall

    How can you decide what recipe to use and what herbs will help with what if you dry them and make teas from them? Come and learn and make teas you can take home with you!

  • $45 - Foraging, and Wildlife Observation

    The wild is full of edible and medicinal plants. How can you identify these and when is the best time to harvest them? You will create some of your own medicine mixes and gather edible plants to try and take home. Watching the environment we can see signs of wildlife using the space, traveling, eating, and nesting. You will learn to interpret tracks and marks animals often leave behind and understand what non-lethal deterrent wildlife and predator management means. You will also learn about birds and small critters and monitor wildlife around your home later on.

  • $45 - Cooking What We Pick In the Outdoors

    The garden is producing but what can we make with all the fresh veggies? How can we turn these into easy soups, sauces, side dishes etc? You will learn easy recipes you can follow and cook on outdoor stoves, BBQs, outdoor meat roaster or veggie roasters and in cob ovens. You will be able to take some of the food home.

Internships might be available as we partner with many academic programs. Please contact us for details.

Summer Camp is available from July 20 to August 14 for ages 8 – 12 in the afternoon from 1:00 to 4:00 PM. Early drop-offs and/or late pick-ups are available with an additional fee. Sibling discounts can be prearranged.

Children enrolled will:

  • Work with our urban farmer educators to learn about planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, and more.
  • Explore the many systems (such as aquaponics) at the farm, experience the forest, and learn about the local wildlife living in the woods.
  • Help at the farm-stand to learn about sales and direct communication with other people.
  • Create art using many different recycled materials. The art they create can stay at the farm or go home with them at the end of the week as they choose.
  • Each Friday they will be asked to present their work and showcase their projects on one of our many stages so an audience can experience their presentation.

Be a Farmer is available from March through October for youth ages 14 – 18, every week from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm ($100 per child per week). For lunch, we can provide veggies and eggs harvested and prepared here by the students. The students will work alongside our urban farmers and learn about working on a small-scale diverse farm. We usually recommend a minimum 6 weeks participation for the students in order to gain enough knowledge necessary for food production. After full participation, students will be able to start a very small raised bed type of garden at their home and maybe keep a few chickens and/or fish.

Please contact us for scheduling and more information. We screen the applicants to make sure it’s a good fit.



We offer a wide variety of services for groups.

  • Weddings.
  • Corporate Events.
  • Conference space.
  • Clock hour for teachers training at school.
  • Externships with clock hours.

Please contact us for rates and options.

Team-Based Workshops

We also offer farm based team building projects for 4 – 6 hours per event. If there is no company-match available and/or it is a simple project, the fee may be minimal or zero even for a large group. Please contact us to discuss details.

Make a reservation ahead of time, giving us the following number of weeks to set up projects:

  • 24 hrs scheduling notice for group sizes up to 5 people.
  • 3 days notice for group sizes of 6 – 10 people.
  • 2 weeks notice for group sizes of 11-50 people.
  • 4-6 weeks notice for group sizes of 51-124 people.
  • Please contact us for availability for groups of 125+ with notice three months in advance. We can host up to 500 people with 6 month prescheduling minimum. Project fee will apply for materials, supplies and extra tools.