Our COVID-19 Response

Farmers Markets Sell fresh produce

At our farm-stand in Paradise and occasionally farmers markets, Farmer Frog sells fresh produce that our team grows together with students at the school gardens and our farm sites. Each week during the market season, we work with the children and youth to harvest the food and then we take it to market.

Our booth is filled with fun and activities. Some children cashier, while others, who can identify many vegetable varieties, talk with customers about the produce and how to prepare and cook the crops.

The money we generate at the markets goes back to the schools from which we harvest in the form of seeds, starts, and garden supplies. This allows the school gardens to generate some of their own funding and teaches children about setting financial goals and working to manifest them. The skills that students acquire by participating are relevant to the marketing and entrepreneurship activities of DECA as well as the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).


Dates vary by the year. Please see our upcoming events for more information.


Volunteers are always needed to harvest, set up, market and sell produce, and break down. Occasionally we also need volunteers for children’s activities.

New volunteers: please contact us if you are interested in helping with farmers markets.

Existing volunteers: please check the events for upcoming work parties. Market dates are usually posted on the calendar once we have the dates for the current year’s market season.