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Paradise Farm

Paradise Farm

Farmer Frog has a long-term lease from Snohomish County on the original Lloyd Estate on Paradise Lake Road in Woodinville, Washington (23210 Paradise Lake Rd., Woodinville WA 98077). The site lies in the Paradise Valley Conservation Area and is located on Coastal Salish sacred land and celebratory grounds, which were homesteaded during the 1870’s by the Lloyd family, thus becoming one of the oldest farms of the state. Here, we are developing Paradise Farm, a headquarters for our organization.

In addition to growing produce and keeping livestock on the farm, our goal is to create an education center where we can demonstrate and teach sustainable and innovative farming practices with intensive gardening and ecosystem-friendly land management.

We are developing the site to showcase traditional permaculture farming combined with modern smart technologies, and incorporating agricultural heritage displays. Through our systems, we demonstrate both the history and future potential of sustainable and resilient food production.

We need you

As one of the first farms in our state, the site needs lots of work. The buildings need repairs, growing areas need to be built, the wetland and the forested areas need restoration, and trails need to be rebuilt and added onto.

We hold work parties at Paradise Farm to clean up the site and prepare for growing crops. Scheduled work parties are on our work party calendar.

New volunteers, please let us know if you are interested in helping at Paradise Farm. Existing volunteers, please check the work party calendar for dates.

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