Our COVID-19 Response

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Occasionally, we sponsor or participate in larger events, such as a gardening show or the groundbreaking for a new Farmer Frog partner site. We sometimes host conferences. During the warm season we host young artists and offer live music events on the farm. Classes, camps and volunteer events are also added to our calendar below.

If nothing appears below, we still have lots going on. Sometimes we have to change our schedule due to pandemic related changes or the weather conditions. Please send us an email at grow@farmerfrog.org.

Farmer Frog’s HQ is at Paradise Farm. This beautiful site has been considered sacred for thousands of years by the Coast Salish Peoples. A family from Wales fenced it around and built their farm from the 1870s. We are honoring the Land, listening to the majestic Forest, Trees and Wildlife, restoring the habitat, repairing the structures, and building modern permaculture based systems. Volunteers help with building or maintaining the gardens: weeding, moving compost, spreading mulch, watering, planting new crops, harvesting existing crops, helping with livestock, aquaponic systems, and more. No experience is necessary; we encourage you to bring your talents and tell us how you would like to help bring our community together around healthy, local food! We are generally open to the public 10 am to 2 pm on Saturdays or by appointment during the weekdays.

23210 Paradise Lake Road Woodinville WA 98077 Our gate opens from Paradise Lake Road. Best if you bring a mask, work gloves, wear closed toe shoes and dress for the weather.