Our COVID-19 Response

The History of Agricultural and Land Conservation Activities at Paradise Farm

A study by Farmer Frog on the history of its headquarters

Published on February 21st 2021 by Szabolcs Pasztor and Zsofia Pasztor

Purpose of Study

Farmer Frog is a non-profit with the Mission to grow kids, cultivate communities, and nurture habitats for All Living Beings through Real Food – Sprouting Simple Change. Before COVID-19, Farmer Frog had extensive partnerships with many school districts and schools in the Puget Sound area. We assisted with the design, creation, and management of dozens of edible school gardens, provided externships to teachers, and hands-on STEAM learning opportunities to students from all grades. In March 2020, the schools were closing in Washington State due to COVID-19 and in response to the pandemic we engaged in mass distribution of food in emergency response. In partnership with over 700 organizations, we have distributed 35 million pounds of food since. Along with our Sister nonprofit the National Tribal Emergency Management Council, we are a leading member of the coalition and other organizations such as International Sustainable Nutrition Partners, EastWest Food Rescue, Culturas Unidas Food Network, the Nakani Native Program, The Silent Taskforce, and Global Social Business Partners. During the course of 2020, collectively we have serviced three million food recipients in America, of whom two million people are in Washington State and three hundred and fifteen thousand are Tribal Members. The majority of the community we serve is BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color).

Our emergency response to Washington State is located at our Headquarters, Paradise Farm, in Woodinville. At the time of this Study, Snohomish County Conservation and Natural Resources (previously known and referenced herein as Parks and Recreation) requested Farmer Frog to relocate to an alternate location at the Evergreen Fairgrounds in Monroe by February 28th 2021. Park’s request reduces their overall spending at the Headquarters – funding required by a Washington State Conservation Office 2018 determination that Farmer Frog’s farm work at Paradise Farm (a historic 1880’s farmstead) is a conversion of the property. This request may hurt and hinder the Tribal, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), refugee, immigrant, and LGBTQ+ communities of our County and State. Therefore, Farmer Frog is asking County Leadership and all other State and local agencies involved to collaboratively find a solution that is equitable and supportive of our communities, while also supporting us in our important work at Paradise Farm uninterrupted. If our work stops, hundreds of thousands of people in Washington will be impacted.

To be consistent with our Mission, we must recognize that the County’s request and the State’s determination impacts not just Farmer Frog but all food recipients of Washington State including all of the Tribes of Washington State. Farmer Frog will not relocate by February 28th as requested as we must take the time to fully assess the impacts, continue consultations with the Community, and review the request to its full capacity. This Study summarizes our review as of February 2021 with facts and history on the Farm and our emergency response.

Our Key Findings are described in Section 1, various analysis of current activities and their associated costs are summarized in Section 2, and an appendix of documents with historic relevance to Paradise Farm are included Section 3 (Treaties, Deeds, Titles, Covenants, agreements, correspondence, reports, engineering plans, public media, etc.)

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