Our COVID-19 Response

Farmer Frog WA Distribution Summary

From May 1st 2020 to April 30th 2021

Publicly Released on June 14th 2021

"With the end of the USDA Farmers to Families Food Box Program and recently surpassing over 100 million pounds of food and supplies facilitated to millions of Americans across 36 states, Farmer Frog marks a major milestone and is publicly publishing a years’ worth of distribution data collected at the FLOOR (Food Logistics Operations Offices and Resources). This data summarizes our lifesaving essential work for Washingtonians during a significant moment in Washington State’s history. Established as an Emergency Response Hunger Relief Operation with our sister nonprofit The National Tribal Emergency Management Council (NTEMC) at Paradise Farm - Farmer Frog’s Headquarters in Woodinville Washington, the FLOOR had distributed statewide over 21 million lbs of food and PPE to over 463 organizations, providing 18 million meals to 1.7 million Washingtonians including all of the Tribes of Washington State. With nearly 10,000 daily entries, the released records detail the volunteer-led statewide operation benefiting Tribal Governments and Tribal agencies and/or organizations, Governments and Government agencies, Veteran groups, Elderly and Senior Living groups, Low-income and Section 8 Housing programs, Refugee and Immigrant programs, and organizations specifically serving LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities."

"Farmer Frog is humbled to participate in such a rich and strong community and proud to issue records reflecting quality food assistance provided to the food insecure, caught inside the racial gap. Communities that have been disproportionally impacted across America have greatly benefited from the successful low-barrier USDA Farmers to Families Food Box Program that has now ended just a few weeks ago. The next chapter of food assistance has already begun, and this data gives us confidence that the community can again rise to the challenge and meet the needs of the people during the ongoing unprecedented COVID-19 crisis."

"Our summary of the published distribution data is described in Section 1, with various analysis of Farmer Frog’s distribution records and recommendations for future USDA food assistance programs. Pictures of the Emergency Response Hunger Relief Operation can be seen in Section 2. The tabulated data of distribution at the FLOOR is included in Section 3."

Terms of Use

This data published onlne and included herein is the sole property of Farmer Frog. It is provided to the public to benefit food assistance in Washington State, particularly for the BIPOC communities impacted by COVID-19. Any of the data and information requires the explicit consultation and acknowledgement of Farmer Frog. This includes but is not limited to summaries, pictures, figures, tables, and digital files. Any alterations of figures and data is strictly prohibited. By using this data and information, agreement to these terms is implied and it is understood that violators may be subject to attorney fees and various penalties under the Federal Trade Commission act (15 U.S. Code § 41 et seq.)

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